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Uninsured Since the Age of 19, This is How I’ve Dealt with My Health Care

Herschel D., Columbia County

I’m 33 years old and I’m uninsured. I had insurance through my mom’s plan when I was a kid, but the last time I had insurance was when I was 19 years old. I haven’t been able to afford it because the prices are so high. I’ve luckily been pretty healthy, although most of my medical issues currently deal with mental health. Whenever I’ve needed them, I’ve received mental health services in facilities through the health department. I’m actually currently living in a treatment facility and they told me about the services offered by the Equal Access Clinic. I haven’t needed to use it yet since I’ve been in the facility, but I’m glad it’s there just in case.

In addition to receiving health services through the health department, I’ve also had to visit the Emergency Room due to accidents where I’ve broken a bone or needed stitches. For example, I was attacked by a dog around 2016 and I had to go to the E.R. to get stitches. This incident in particular resulted in a high amount of debt for me. When you are uninsured, it makes it very difficult when something bad happens to you at a random time, such as an emergency. I don’t have dental insurance either so I’ve just been doing my best to take care of myself. Whenever I’ve needed dental services, I’ve just had to pay out of pocket for them.

If Florida expanded Medicaid and I were to qualify for it, that would be great for my life. If anything bad were to happen to me, I wouldn’t have to worry so much because of the security that having Medicaid would provide. With Medicaid behind me, I would have the funds to get myself checked out or get medicine at the last minute if I ever needed it. Medicaid would be a really big staple in my life.


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