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Florida's Veterans


  • Not all veterans are able to get health insurance through the VA. Many do not qualify based on time served in the military and current active status.

  • Nationally, 40% of uninsured or underinsured veterans say that they cannot seek medical attention due to lack of insurance.

  • In states with Medicaid expansion, over 50% of veterans are eligible for insurance as opposed to the 10% that are eligible for Medicaid in non-expansion states like Florida.

  • Many veterans do not have access to VA hospitals because they live in rural areas. Expanding Medicaid would give veterans more options to access health care, including Critical Access Hospitals, without having to worry about financial repercussions.

To qualify for Medicaid in Florida you must have a dependent child and make less than about 31% of the federal poverty level (ex: $7,000/yr for a family of 3). There is NO help for childless adults, regardless of how much you make. 

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  • Veterans only make up 9% of the national population but make up 12% of the total homeless population. Homeless veterans are not able to seek medical care because of the financial consequences. 

  • Veterans who are poor; have a disability, chronic health condition, or mental health issue; lack support networks; and/or have a history of substance use are at particularly high risk of experiencing homelessness. (Kaiser Family Foundation)

  •  Medicaid is particularly important for veterans experiencing homelessness who often lack access to other sources of coverage and have high rates of chronic health conditions, disabilities, mental health issues, and alcohol or substance use disorders.


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You can stand with our statewide coalition during the upcoming 2021 Florida legislative session.

We will ​​be mobilizing Floridians to urge lawmakers to expand access to health care.

Join the coalition for the latest updates, invitations to coalition calls, and more!

  • Florida Voices for Health
  • Florida Voices for Health
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