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The need for a federal direct coverage solution for those in the Medicaid coverage gap is gaining steam.

After years of inaction from state legislatures, advocacy organizations from the remaining non-expansion states have united to urge Congress to guarantee access to affordable healthcare for over 2 million Americans in the coverage gap. 

Over 200 advocacy organizations from the 12 non-expansion states, including Florida, have signed onto a letter pleading Congress to bypass resistant state legislatures and provide health care coverage.

We expect that negotiations for the reconciliation bill will be ongoing through August and the Fall – that means it is important that we continue to speak out and reach out THIS WEEK to Members of Congress about the direct coverage option and people caught in the coverage gap in non-expansion states.

Urge members of the House Committee on the Budget to include closing the coverage gap in the House budget resolution. Remind them that it would:

  • Cover 1.1 million hardworking, low-income Floridians.

  • Reduce the amount of uncompensated hospital care provided to the increased number of uninsured due to the pandemic.


1. Enter your details to help us identify who your local representatives are.

2. You can edit the pre-loaded message to share a personal story or your own thoughts on why Congress needs to close the coverage gap on behalf of Floridians. 

3. Hit send!

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