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Here’s Where Florida’s Uninsured Can Get Health Care for Covid-19 Coronavirus Testing and Treatment

Florida residents who are ill and are experiencing symptoms associated with covid-19, the novel coronavirus, are advised by the Florida Department of Health to contact their primary healthcare provider. Here is where Florida’s uninsured can get healthcare through the public health system:

Memorial Health Care System memorialdocnow Baptist Health tele-health coronavirus see a doctor from home via care on demand COVID-19 Hotline. For more information on covid-19, the Florida Department of Health has set up a covid-19 toll-free hotline, 1 (866) 779-6121 or through email, Florida ranks 39th in the nation for public health funding per capita, and has failed to expand Medicaid. Florida has the country’s fourth highest rate of uninsured (13%). Approximately 850,000 low-income uninsured Floridians would be covered if the state expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. The public health safety net system of clinics and charity care at public hospitals is often the only option for health care for uninsured Floridians.

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