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Equal Access Clinic is My Only Health Care Option

By Juanita B., Alachua County

I’m 57 years old and currently don’t have insurance. I came to the Equal Access clinic because I’ve been having swelling in my feet and my heart’s been racing. The doctors here think it may be of my high cholesterol or high blood pressure. They believe my blood pressure may be causing my ankle to swell. So the doctors gave me a prescription for a heart medication that will address the swelling and blood pressure. They say the medication will help address several issues. They figured if they could control it with a pill, that would be best.

I’m getting taken care of very well at Equal Access. The last time I was here the doctors checked out my breathing issues. I’d been having trouble sleeping because the fluid builds up when I lie down, and I can’t breathe. The doctors here tried to sign me up for a program to get my Albuterol at a discount through the company. The company never contact me, so the doctors found a generic brand. If they’re not too high, I can afford them. I’m not a millionaire, but I do the best I can. Medications are expensive. A pharmacy tech at Equal Access clinic told me about another local free clinic that will help me get low- cost prescriptions. He works at that clinic also and said he’d be there to help me if I had questions.

I stay away from the hospitals, if I can. It’s been about eight or nine years since I used the Emergency Room. I’m one for not taking medicine if I don’t need it. If I had health care coverage, I’d be going to the doctors regularly so that I can just live. I’d go to my regular check ups and do what they tell me to do. When my friend found Equal Access clinic, I started coming here because I had no health insurance. The only thing I can do is what these doctors tell me to do.


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