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Video: Bill Nelson on Health Care “Why can’t we work together?”

On Wednesday evening, Florida Senator Bill Nelson along with several of his Democratic colleagues took to the Senate floor urging their Republican colleagues to come together in finding a solution for health care. A vote on the senate health care bill was delayed earlier in the day after there was doubt it had the votes to pass.

Why can’t we work together?” asked Nelson “We do in our committees … Why can’t we do it with health care?”

Nelson recalled his time as Insurance Commissioner for the state and establishing a fund that aided the companies that went broke providing coverage after Hurricane Andrew in the 90’s. The Senator from Florida suggested doing the same for Health Care and believed it could lower premiums in the state up to 13%.

“Every one of us has a suggestion out here. You put all of these suggestions together and you’re talking about really fixing the current law” added Nelson.

Florida’s other Senator, Republican Marco Rubio, is undecided on the bill but reaffirmed his commitment to repealing the Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare” earlier this week.

View the video, here.

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