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Real Talk on Health Care – The American Health Care Act’s Thin Protections

Imagine listening to House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) explain the latest plan to repeal and replace the ACA as a 58-year-old female Floridian. According to Rep. Scalise, under the new plan, states would not be able to waive preexisting conditions protections for anyone who has maintained continuous health insurance coverage. He implied that this would be easy because “Even if you lose your job and, let's say you go on COBRA or Medicaid. You are still continuously covered.”

As a 58-year-old female with an employer sponsored insurance premium of about $1,100 a month, COBRA is a false choice. Under COBRA rules I would have to pay the entire premium amount plus a 2% administrative fee – after I have lost my income.

Medicaid in Florida is no easier. Since I don’t have a dependent child or a severe disability, I do not qualify for Medicaid. The AHCA’s block granting of Medicaid will only further limit who gets Medicaid in Florida and what services are covered.

It really makes you wonder if Congress, celebrating their victory of repeal, have a total lack of understanding or really does not care about the people they are supposed to represent. Sad.

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