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Tax Reform, The Health Care Trojan Horse

After months of unsuccessful efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), it may appear that Congress has shifted priorities to reforming the U.S. tax code.


However, the futures of tax reform and health care are linked in a way that will devastate working families, people with disabilities, seniors, and more.

To pay for the deficits created by the current tax plan, Medicaid would be cut by more than $1 trillion over the next 10 years,  more than that proposed under Graham-Cassidy or the AHCA.


The pay-as-you-go rule, also known as PAYGO, passed in 2010, means mandatory cuts elsewhere—in this case, $28 billion would get automatically slashed from Medicare early next year (and be ongoing).

take action!

Make a big difference just 3 easy steps.


1) Call Florida's Representatives in Congress at 866-426-2631(English) or 877-736-7831(Spanish).

2) Leave a messageMy name is ______ . I live in ______ .  I need you to oppose the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act because it threatens health coverage, guts Medicaid funding, and will be extremely damaging to vulnerable, hardworking Floridians.”

3) Hang up & know you made a BIG difference. We're asking you to make these calls because we know how powerful they are. Lawmakers really feel the pressure when the calls start coming in.

Or Send A Letter

Want To Do More?

Floridians must act to protect the gains we have made in health care coverage. Visit our action center to contact your state and federal lawmakers. Demand that they do the right thing for all Floridians.

Take Action!
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