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Letter to the Editor (News-Press Ft. Myers): Expand Medicaid, Florida

I appreciate Frank Gluck’s recent update on Florida’s leading status during this year’s Open Enrollment for the Affordable Care Act ("Florida leading on Obamacare enrollments but largely without federal help", Nov. 30, News-Press).

However, Florida must also act to expand Medicaid. I was uninsured and sick for many years. I am one of many Lee County residents who fell into the Medicaid Coverage Gap. My job did not offer health insurance, and I did not make enough money to qualify for tax subsidies that would make health insurance affordable through the Marketplace.

I struggled for years with untreated Crohn’s disease because I could not afford to see a Gastro-Intestinal (GI) specialist to receive a proper diagnosis. Thankfully, Lee Health partners with the United Way to offer a program that made primary care affordable.

Once a GI specialist was added to their roster, I was diagnosed and began treatment. When I had to retire from work due to my illness, I applied for Medicaid. I was denied three times before I was finally approved.

Nearly half a million Floridians are living without health insurance and fall into the Medicaid Coverage Gap. I feel very fortunate to I live in Lee County and had access to healthcare.

Not all Floridians are so lucky

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